Personal Freedom, Family, Faith & ForeverLawn


A powerful personal account of two brothers on a journey to achieve success in business, without sacrificing their values or their families.

Their story of persistence, hard work, and faith is one that many can relate to, and provides valuable insight gained along the way.


About The Authors

Dale and Brian Karmie are the co-founders of ForeverLawn, Inc. Their entrepreneurial skills and hands-on experience with synthetic grass have helped them grow ForeverLawn into one of the largest synthetic turf brands in America. Currently, they are focused on expanding the growth of ForeverLawn by implementing the core values of integrity, innovation, and quality throughout their operations.  

One of the primary growth channels of ForeverLawn has been the development of their dealer-based marketing system. The Karmies’ ability to share successful business concepts and systems with independent dealers has fueled this growth throughout the country.

The Karmie brothers left the software consulting industry in 2002 to start a synthetic grass dealership in Albuquerque, NM and then launched ForeverLawn Inc. in 2004 with good friend Ty Allen. 

The Karmies have been the authors and subjects of several published articles including items appearing in Smart Business Magazine, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Athletics Administration Magazine.

Dale & Brian Karmie

Brian lives in Uniontown, OH, with his wife, Angie, and four daughters.  Dale lives in Hartville, OH, with his wife Lorie, and five children.

Overview of Grass Without Limits

Grass Without Limits inspires us to live our dreams, and overcome obstacles.

"What we wanted, and what we wanted to help others find, was freedom...We want to provide others the freedom to use their God-given talents to the best of their ability." page 121
"We packed everything we could into the suburban—three kids, a pregnant wife, a large dog, a hamster, and anything else that would fit...My family was with me and that made the event much easier." page 72
"They often say faith is blind, but is it? My experience has been that the eyes of faith often just allow you to see what others can't (or choose not to). Often the eyes of pessimism and doubt are really the blind ones." page 23
"In the spring of 2004, ForeverLawn was officially launched. This company would soon become a recognized brand in the industry, and over time would establish its place as the leader in quality, integrity, and innovation in the artificial grass industry." page 193
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The Reviews

See what others are saying about Grass Without Limits.

Jason Cameron, Licensed Contractor and TV Host

I have to admit, I didn't know what to expect when Dale Karmie gave me this book and told me to give him my honest opinion. Well, not only did I enjoy reading Grass Without Limits, but it absolutely reinforced my belief in what it takes to ultimately succeed in business and in life! Dale and Brian would call this unwavering conviction to succeed "the Karmie way," I call it -- two brothers who tag teamed their American Dream to the ground and submitted it!

Davis Lee, Founding Partner, InnovaNet

A very good read. A true life story about two families on a make or break journey that is both captivating and inspiring. It is not just about business. It is a life message from The One who orchestrates ordinary events to carry us through life's extraordinary challenges, even those that appear self-inflicted. All to show us a love without limits. An amazing testimony and a remarkable journey. This is a business that is fun to be close to.

Michael B. Ross, Professional Speaker, Author, Coach

Grass without Limits is a masterpiece. It has all the markings of a great novel--suspense, comedy, tragedy, exhilaration, and triumph. It also teaches timeless principles which will inspire people towards personal growth and achievement. For anyone looking to do more with their life, Grass without Limits will serve as a true confirmation that the impossible is possible. Michael B. Ross Professional Speaker, Author, Coach, and Podcaster. Author of Building You and Overcoming the Character Deficit

David A. Standridge, Business Owner, Attorney & Author

Grass Without Limits is an intimate look at the journey of two men who "practice what they preach." Through their ups and downs they stayed settled that no matter what happened things would work out. Having seen first hand many of their "trials," I can say that I was personally challenged and encouraged to see their reliance on faith and family to anchor them. The Karmies' story will make you laugh, cry and encourage you in your journey to your God given destiny.

Tom Peeples, President, Universal Textile Technologies

To say Dale and Brian Karmie have determination, resolve, and character would be an understatement. During my association with them, it has been a rewarding experience for me to watch these fine men travel the ups and downs of their journey in business and with their family relationships. I have watched them face adversity and never waiver in their principles or their faith in God. I would like to thank them for the relationship that we have built together both professionally and personally. They have been an inspiration for me, my family, and my business. This world could use more genuine character like the Karmies demonstrate every day in their lives.

Kim Wagler, Owner & Personal Trainer, Impulse Training

I just finished Grass Without Limits and I finally feel like I can get through the trials that we've been fighting in our own business this year. I can't believe how many stories that Dale and Brian share that are so similar to what we are going through even in a different industry. I'll never be able to thank you enough for sharing your journey!

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